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We are seeking a graphic designer to deliver an informative and visually appealing report that will showcase IPPF Africa's key achievements, programs, and initiatives in English and French.






Overview of IPPFAR


The International Planned Parenthood Federation Africa Region (IPPFAR) is one of the leading sexual and reproductive health (SRH) service delivery organization in Africa, and a leading sexual and reproductive health and rights advocacy voice in the region through its Member Associations (MAs) and Collaborative Partners in 38 countries in sub-Saharan Africa.


Headquartered in Nairobi, Kenya, the overarching goal of IPPFAR is to increase access to sexual and reproductive health and rights (SRHR) services to the most vulnerable youth, men and women in the region. To reach this goal, IPPFAR works with Governments, the African Union (AU), regional economic commissions (RECs), the Pan-African Parliament, the United Nations, among others, to expand political and financial commitments to SRHR in Africa. For more information, please read our profile here


Background of the engagement


IPPFAR’s work includes raising awareness and understanding issues relevant to sexual reproductive health and rights (SRHR) throughout the year. To better showcase its achievements and to enhance its visibility, IPPFAR intends to engage the services of a graphic designer (individual/firm) to develop the layout incorporating text elements and high-quality visual designs for its 2023 annual report. The 2023 annual report will be published on digital platforms and will be printed in hard copies.


Scope of work


The graphic designer is expected to deliver an informative and visually appealing report that will showcase key achievements, programs, and initiatives. The raw copy and photographs to be used in the annual report will be provided in English and in French by IPPFAR, and the designer will work on the design, layout, and graphic elements to produce a modern and visually appealing report.

Please note that the report is in the format of a 30-page A4 size document (front and back).

Example of report: IPPF APR 2022


The assignment will be undertaken in full compliance with IPPFAR’s branding guidelines.

To this effect, IPPFAR invites individuals/firms to submit their Expression of Interest for consultancy services to undertake the production of the IPPFAR 2023 Annual Report in English and French.




-       Work on the layout and preparation of different graphic designs for the IPPFAR 2023 annual report both English and French.

-       The Annual Report 2023 must be original, modern, colourful, visually appealing, topical, gender sensitive, and all-inclusive (in consideration of marginalized populations such as people with disability, LGBTIQA+ community, etc.).

-       All products must remain sex positive and carry a strong human rights-based approach, values and messaging.

-       All rights to the products will be reserved by IPPFAR

-       The consultant will work closely with the IPPFAR team in the production of these deliverables. This will include liaising closely with the team in the timely development, review and approval of the communication materials. 




-       An eye-catching report visual design that incorporates a pleasing colour scheme and legible fonts to grab the reader's attention.

-       Create and utilise graphics, icons, charts/graphs, and photos to visualize data and information.

-       Utilize white space effectively to provide balance and breathing room in the design. This enhances overall readability and aesthetics.

-       Incorporate IPPF Africa branding elements and style guidelines into the design.

-       Optimize content for both online and print distribution.

-       Export print-ready PDF and web-ready PDF versions.

-       Delivery of the final InDesign working file to IPPFAR.



Modality of payment


-       The consultant will be paid 40% of the total contract amount upon signing of the contract agreement with IPPFAR.

-       60% upon delivering the final files in PDF (English and French) for printing and web use + the working file for any in-house adjustments later if needed


Knowledge and Experience


-       Minimum three years’ experience in the design of a wide range of communication materials for electronic and web-based publication

-       Strong art and creative direction skills

-       Strong theoretical and practical background in graphic design

-       A university degree in illustrative/graphic design or related field

-       Expertise in graphic design editing software

-       A good understanding of sexual reproductive health and rights issues

-       A portfolio of similar outputs that showcase previous work (products that showcase experience with SRHR issues will be an added advantage)


How to apply

Please send your CV, cover letter, portfolio showing report layouts done for a similar job – Please send a minimum of 3 samples - and financial quote to [email protected] by 15 July 2024.


NB: IPPFAR will deduct 5% withholding tax for local (Kenyan based firm/individuals) and 20% for non-Kenyan based firm/individual consultants before making payment.