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The New Mobile App That’s Helping Improve Young People’s Sexual and Reproductive Health in Togo

A unique mobile application developed by our Member Association in Togo -Association Togolaise pour le Bien-Etre Familial (ATBEF) is helping youth access credible sexual and reproductive health inform...

A unique mobile application developed by our Member Association in Togo -Association Togolaise pour le Bien-Etre Familial (ATBEF) is helping youth access credible sexual and reproductive health information during this time of COVID-19.

In today’s world where many adolescents and young people rely on their mobile devices as sources of information, ‘InfoAdoJeunes’, which is available on Google playstore, is proving to be an authentic source of sexual health information for them.


The development of the new app is particularly timely now, when young people are not able to freely visit youth-friendly centers as they normally would due to restrictions arising from the coronavirus pandemic.

Mr. Akolly Eklou, ATBEF’s Communication and Marketing Manager describes InfoAdoJeunes as an ‘essential information service’.

“The app is intended for anyone who wants to improve their knowledge of sexual and reproductive health issues, though it is especially tailored for young people. It is a multi-functional application that offers youth important information about their sexual and reproductive health in a fun and engaging manner. InfoAdoJeunes has proven to be an effective tool for remote consultation at a time like this when it is advisable to avoid public places such as health centres because of COVID-19,” he says.


InfoAdoJeunes is composed of eight navigation tabs: Comprehensive Sexual Education (CSE), the menstrual cycle, teleconsultation, web TV, games and quizzes, a chat forum, contraception, and a tab where users can ask questions which are then responded to by an expert.

“The different tabs were recommended by a pool of young people who ATBEF worked with together with a consultant during its development. It is what they wanted to see in the app,” says Eklou.

Combining accessible language with attractive colours, the youth-friendly gem is indispensable in an environment where young people are looking for real information about their sexual health. Since the launch of the app three weeks ago, InfoAdoJeunes has been downloaded over 100 times.


23-year-old Chahidatou Affo who has used the app says the liked the quiz tab more because it has increased her knowledge on certain sexual health issues.

“The app has helped me learn new things that I thought I already knew. It’s an educational platform and I really hope others can use it too. It is accessible for free which is a good thing for us young people."

Jabin Kissèm Bakouyou, a Graphic Designer and Social Media Manager says he likes the tele-consultation tab.

“It allows me to consult from the comfort of my home and I benefit from the advice of the health providers, right where I am. This is especially important during this time of coronavirus when when travel is limited.”


Hayathe Ayeva likes the app’s information about the menstrual cycle.

“The app helps ladies monitor their menstrual cycle as they learn more about menstruation,” says the 20-year-old. It is really good,” she says.


“I like the ‘tele-consultation’ feature because it means I can get to ask a health expert various questions without having to go to a health center. There is lots of helpful information in the app that we young people need,” says 22-year-old Abla Kotsofê Kotoutou, a student at Lomé University.


InfoAdoJeunes was developed as part of the implementation of the project ‘Empowering Young People through Provision of Sexual and Reproductive Health Services and Comprehensive Rights-based Sexuality Education’. The app’s relevance in helping Togolese youth access credible sexual health information will continue even after the coronavirus pandemic.

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