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What’s in a Game? ABUBEF’s use of Playing Cards for Youth SRHR Education

IPPF’s Member Association (MA) in Burundi - Association Burundaise pour le Bien-Etre Familial (ABUBEF) complements the government’s efforts in meeting the health needs o

IPPF’s Member Association (MA) in Burundi - Association Burundaise pour le Bien-Etre Familial (ABUBEF) complements the government’s efforts in meeting the health needs of the population. This it does through implementation of various programs and projects whose focus is largely on the provision of Sexual Reproductive Health (SRH) information and quality services.

ABUBEF prioritizes adolescents and youth in its programmes, and has over the years initiated several innovative SRH approaches aimed at empowering adolescents and young people to make healthy and informed decisions about their sexual and reproductive health.

Through its programs, ABUBEF has made significant progress in promoting positive sexual health behaviour and combating HIV and AIDS among young people through different Information Education and Communication (IEC) material.

Playing Cards

Through youth centers, ABUBEF raises awareness about sexual health among youth through games. One such game is a deck of ‘Playing Cards’ that contain a variety of powerful, positive messages about sexuality and reproductive health; told in a creative and simple language that is friendly and likeable with the youth.

The playing cards, which are a favourite activity for adolescents and youth to play during their free time and over the holidays, contain information on different topics such as abstinence, relationships, faithfulness, family planning, HIV and AIDS prevention, unwanted pregnancy, sexual violence and use of condoms.

The messages contained in each card help to provoke discussions among the youth on sensitive topics about reproductive health. As they discuss the challenges, dilemmas and choices about sexuality, the cards promote critical thinking by the young people, encouraging them to explore solutions to the difficult situations they may find themselves in, change their attitudes and develop positive opinions about sexual health.

The ‘Playing Cards’ also help in dispelling myths, misconceptions and false information about sex among the youth. They help to promote responsible sexual knowledgeable behaviour among them.

During the various interactions organized by ABUBEF with young people, it has been established that these ‘Playing Cards’ are a valued source of information for them. Their knowledge about sex, sexuality and different reproductive health concepts has been significantly increased through these cards.  

The ABUBEF ‘Playing Cards’ are distributed in all the attraction spots for young people, such as the ABUBEF youth centers, as well as other partner youth centers.

This innovative concept of 'Playing Cards' to reach adolescents and youth in Burundi with information about their reproductive health was identified as one of ABUBEF’s Good Practices during the 3rd Cycle of Accreditation. A Good Practice is an activity or practice that has been proven to work and yields positive results. The sharing of Good Practices by IPPF Member Associations offers learning experiences for their counterparts.

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