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Ghana: From The Community Level, To The Highest Political Offices, IPPF Director General Advocates For SRHR For All

Accra, February 14, 2024 – The International Planned Parenthood Federation’s (IPPF) Director General, Dr. Alvaro Bermejo, concluded a three-day visit to Ghana this week hosted by IPPF member associati...

Accra, February 14, 2024 – The International Planned Parenthood Federation’s (IPPF) Director General, Dr. Alvaro Bermejo, concluded a three-day visit to Ghana this week hosted by IPPF member association Planned Parenthood Association of Ghana (PPAG). High-level meetings with authorities and partners alongside community-level engagements underscored the two organizations’ commitment to expanding access to quality sexual and reproductive healthcare. 

“This mission has reaffirmed the robust collaboration between IPPF and PPAG toward our shared vision of universal sexual and reproductive health and rights in Ghana,” said Dr. Bermejo. “I want to thank PPAG and all partners for their efforts and look forward to enhanced global-to-local coordination that ensures information and services reach all who need them.” 

Founded in 1967, PPAG was IPPF’s first West African member association. Today it operates over 10 clinics and education centers delivering counseling, contraceptives, maternal care, HIV/AIDS testing, and more. The visit aimed to assess how the Federation could better support its Member Association while identifying persisting barriers around access to SRHR and strengthening joint advocacy and programming with local CSOs and governmental actors. 

Upon his arrival, Dr. Bermejo was welcomed by PPAG leadership, staff, and youth advocates. “Your visit represents our collective renewed passions for influencing policy, delivering services, and progressing sexual and reproductive health rights to ensure universal quality of life,” said PPAG Executive Director Abena Adebuah Amoah, capturing a spirit of reinvigorated collaboration set from the outset. 

Highlights from the mission included visiting PPAG’s new self-funded clinic under construction in Cape Coast as a symbol of the association’s increasing self-sustainability and ability to reach underserved communities independently. “The urgency and innovation PPAG shows to serve more people epitomize the federation’s bold vision for the future,” Dr. Bermejo remarked. 

During his visit, the Director General engaged with members of the Youth Action Movement – PPAG youth arm -  to deepen his understanding of youth perspectives on barriers and solutions to comprehensive sexual health education and services. He was particularly moved by personal stories from youth volunteers and beneficiaries, including teen mothers, early pregnancy survivors, individuals facing disability and Sexual and Reproductive Health and Rights (SRHR) challenges, as well as those experiencing exclusion due to their LGBTIQ+ identity. The DG assured full support for developing their capacities as informed advocates and programme beneficiaries, highlighting the importance of empathy and tailored support in addressing these critical issues. 

Meetings with partners like UNFPA and the Ministry of Health focused on strengthening coordination across the sexual and reproductive health landscape in Ghana. The Director General also met PPAG local partners (CSOs, and embassies) to discuss national priorities and how to reinforce IPPF and PPAG’s role in advancing universal health access and rights-based approaches. 

“From the community level to the highest political offices, this visit revealed the deep roots and trust established between PPAG and partners over decades of collaboration to uphold health and human rights,” Dr. Bermejo concluded. “IPPF has supported PPAG since the beginning, and we reaffirm our commitment to advancing quality sexual and reproductive healthcare across Ghana long into the future.” 

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Dr. Alvaro Bermejo discussing with the young people from the Youth Action Movement (YAM) Ghana
Alvaro with the staff of PPAG Ghana
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