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Adapting Family Planning Services in Times of Crisis: Training Women on Self-Managed Care for Contraception in Zambia

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The COVID-19 pandemic caused great disruptions across all sectors, and to curb the spread of the coronavirus, governments put in place various measures. These included curfews, in-country movement restrictions, and bans on social gatherings. These restrictions, combined with fear of contracting the virus at medical facilities created barriers that affected people’s uptake of services in health centers. The pandemic brought to light the urgent need for transformation in our health systems, including service delivery approaches.

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The sexual reproductive health (SRH) services offered by IPPF’s Member Associations (MAs) were similarly affected by the pandemic. Many were unable to continue providing routine services, with the most affected being family planning/contraception. To address this, IPPF Member Associations had to be inventive in their service delivery approaches, making necessary adjustments to accommodate client needs while still complying with government directives on health service provision during the pandemic. One of the ways our MAs adapted was through the strategy of self-managed care for family planning, which was embraced by the Planned Parenthood Association of Zambia (PPAZ), which is IPPF’s MA in Zambia.

Download the complete case study here:  Training Women on Self-Managed Care for Contraception in Zambia

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21 June 2021



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