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Treasure Your Pleasure: the IPPF ARO digital campaign on safer sex and the importance of pleasure

On 15 March 2022, IPPF Africa Region launched the Treasure Your Pleasure digital campaign across Sub-Saharan Africa.

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On 15 March 2022, IPPF Africa Region launched the Treasure Your Pleasure digital campaign across Sub-Saharan Africa. The campaign, in English, French and Portuguese aims to create a safe space for youth in Africa to talk about sex freely, reducing shame through bold communication that resonates with them and grabs their attention while also advocating for safe sex and the importance of pleasure.

The framing and messaging of this campaign aims to reorient the dominant narrative of sex education from fear of sexually transmitted diseases, medical interventions, unwanted pregnancies, and death, towards a more sex-positive narrative embracing all types of pleasure, gender expressions and identities.


Through our Manifesto, we’re re-writing the story on sex and pleasure across the continent, and we’re taking you on the ride because doing it right really IS a FLEX.

The campaign messaging focuses on empowering audiences to think and discuss sexual pleasure regardless of their sexual orientation, gender identity and/or expression, disabilities, and experiences. The messages are always sex-positive and rights based, include links to additional useful resources on the variety of pleasure-based approaches. This way, we engage with our audiences through co-creation, educate and empower them to speak and take control of their reproductive and sexual health and rights.



Incorporating sexual pleasure within SRHR messaging and communication can improve sexual health outcomes. Shifting the narrative towards a sex-positive approach leads to better understanding of oneself and others and helps improve public perceptions around sex and comprehensive sexual education.

Through this digital campaign, and what we share on lessons, we are hoping that other SRHR organisations would also focus on the benefits of including a pleasure-based approach to sexual reproductive health and rights.

Visit our campaign landing page to learn how you can Treasure Your Pleasure: www.treasure-your-pleasure.com

We’ve got fun interactive features and informative content to bring your sex game to a new level! 

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